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Bouncy ss..please help


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Same here. Check with Norcal SS, a member on here for a deal on these. As I recall, I think the guys name is Tony. He made contact to ensure I got the right parts for my truck, I remember being pleased with the price and the customer service. He was selling them for $225 for a full set. That has been several years ago but I'm sure he's worth checking with if you are interested in the Belltechs. Lol. No affiliation here, I just like to identify businesses that get it right.


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ive done many sss with the belltech street performance. Proven for years they work out great. I have them in stock and 225 shipped

Mt truck is stock height tho..belltech still the best ?

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New shocks in with new rear bumpstops and broken in but still bouncy af


Realize that this is a pickup truck with leaf springs in the back, this is most pickup trucks are they are not meant for comfort like Mercedes benz sedans per say, unless the bounciness is unbearable then yes check other things but if it's just bumpy then that is normal especially going over rough roads

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