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Im young and like loud i want the loudest most nasty sounding muffler for my truck without going muffler delete i kinda like the raspy popping noises of a muffler delete but want something a little more tame . i do not car about drone at all


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Still trying my best to see where there's $112 worth of materials and labor in that product! :)



I just posted it because it has a 5" I.D. and I am sure it is LOUD! I guess I only addressed the loud aspect of his question and not what would be best. Fact is any exhaust sound/best question is mostly opinion. Any straight through muffler will be loud. Headers, no cats, the larger the Diameter of exhaust, and the shorter you make it the louder it will be. I personally don't like listening to loud all the time.

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I had long tubes no cats with a magnaflow bullet coming out of dual tips before the back tire. That was loud as hell for a 4.8 ended up dumping it cuz I got tired of how loud it was then switched to a borla xr1 I think.. now I miss the loud



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