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Well lets do it again at ATCO dragways and every one can watch me run a 10.50

Damm... your truck hauls ass for an ol’ Heavy ext cab...

1.6 60 is moving out for a 5k lb truck

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My 60' times went from 1.548 to1.675 ...but had no traction my p275/55 r16 m&h racemasters are just not doing the job . Got some new 305/45/17 MT. just waiting on racestars then we will see if coilovers made a difference.....ps the track also had no prep.

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Went to Numidia Dragways on Friday night to see if I can be the first Silverado SS in the 9's but didn't happen 8rib pulley system slip bad after 1000 ft....I did improve my 1\4 mile time but by very little over last year....10 rib pulley system here I come...time slip posted 4601

2019 oct..jpg

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