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Silverado SSI Clone (Build)

Intimidator 06

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I have a 2006 Silverado ISS clone single cab I introduced myself a couple days back this would be my ISS build tread.

The day I got it 10/13/15


Getting the cladding install and a new paint 1/23/16


Pickup the truck from paint 3/18/16



Did the headliner and accessories gray 4/25/16


Got some Caltracs 4/27/16


Got some hids/lids inside and out 5/8/16


Got my ISS seats 5/22/16


Got my drop kit complete to install 6/3/16


Finally got my 6/8 drop 10/8/16


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My plans is to have a single cab ISS with all oem parts the only parts I'm missing is the front grill,floor mats and tailgate badge I currently have a door badge. And on rims I know ISS came with 20" chrome SS rims but haven't decided if I should get them yet.

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Honestly didn't think I would like it when you were asking about doing it, but I gotta say it does look good.



I was thinking the same that's why I was asking around what inspired me to do it is all the new cars coming with black rims. And almost every one has the gray or chrome rims. I changed my SS badges to oem silver to and the tailgate intimidator I used to have a door badge on my tailgate. Tanks for all the help.

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Damn thats clean im currently wanting to do a crew cab clone...

It should be nice to have a 4 dr. I'm 95% finish with the out side just waiting on my intimidator grill. Then I will finish my interior just need to decide if I should live my aftermarket voice spikers and radio or go with oem Bose. To start on my engine

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