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I ordered my buddy this kit. Going to be put on an Aero Precision lower.


I am thinking of getting the 16" stainless with Key mod free float ... Also on a Aero Precision lower.



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All ar goodies are fun projects. I have actually been looking into this kit for my next one once i finish my lower. Let us know how it runs!


I have a dpms upper on my one i built back in 08 and that bastard runs.

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I decided to go with a 18" .223 Wylde Stainless Steel setup, with a 15" Key mod free float rail system. Also did a Nickel Boron BCG and a B5 Bravo Company lower build kit.



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Niece looking piece. Looks like you got the last one, (Site says out of stock). How about posting an action vid when you get it done?

Thanks to Orlando, as soon as items go in stock, they sell out within the hour.


Vids are a must.

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Finally put together my 2nd AR build. 16" Quad-Rail. Magpul accessories.






Still have my PSA Stainless .223 Wylde 18" barrel, with 15" freefloat keymod rail, with Bravo Company furniture .... pics to follow.

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