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AC, perhaps electric fan issue EFILive help please


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I added factory 06 electric fans to my 04 and loaded the fan settings from stock 06 tune files. AC worked until temperatures rose to upper 80's and low 90's. Now after 15 or so minutes of driving...when I come to a light and engine has to idle for a minute or so...AC goes hot! I found a setting in the stock tune that was wrong and corrected...had to do with 1st fan on with AC. Corrected the value and thought it fixed problem...but it was hot again today and AC went back to blowing hot at idle after 15 minutes. It's been to AC shop...pressures are correct. The AC guys only idea was the control head unit might need replacing. Any ideas?????? Would anyone share the complete list of values that must be corrected when electric fans are installed in manual fan truck. Maybe I missed a setting or have a value wrong.

That for the help!


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Thanks...I have not turned fans on manually. Not sure how to do that! But see the 284 degree setting...that's the one I changed because fan (s) were not running with AC. The setting in Z06 was 185 degrees so I change it in truck and honestly thought that had corrected the issue...until the 90 degree day yesterday. Both fans are running now when idling and AC stops cooling.

This all started with the High Pressure fill valve leaking... took truck to AC shop to evac and refill freon and guy noticed AC would not cool at idle but all pressures were correct. He even replaced switch...even though it was working correctly because there was nothing else he could find wrong. His final idea was AC head unit defective. When I checked, I found fans were not running when AC not cooling...and i checked and changed "fan on with AC degree". Like I said...it seemed to work until the 90 degree day. Truck cools fine, or so it seems, when it's above idle and moving.

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