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2004 Silverado SS AWD fluid change??????

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You'd think this would be an easy thing to find the correct answer to but it seems as though I've been searching a long time now and can't find the answer I need. I just bough my 2004 Silverado SS with 60k on it and want to do a fluid change in front/rear diff and tranny. I'd like to use amsoil product in all just want to use correct weights. For the diffs, will Amsoil severe gear oil 75w90 synthetic be good for front and rear? If so do I need to add a modifier for limited slip? Please be specific with answers as it seems everywhere I look everyone is very vague. As for tranny now, do I do a service or flush? What fluid do I use? Someone please just call if they have the right answers. 860-601-1138. Thank you

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I have Amsoil in everything even brake fluid. 75/90 is fine that's what I use. I have Amsoil fluid in the trans and transfer case as well. No modifier needed. I wouldn't flush the tranny either.

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Sorry, I haven't been on the site for a while, and I'm just now seeing your post. As Jason and Darien already stated, Severe Gear 75W90 is correct for both diffs. You would need to get 4qt total. It takes 3 pints (1.5qt) in the front and 4.2 pints (2.1qt) in the rear. You don't need the additive. For the Trans, you need 6qt of the Signature Series Fuel-Efficient ATF (W/ the Blue Cap), and a new filter. AMSOIL carries the Wix 58847 filter, but you can usually get the same one cheaper. Also, if you want to do the transfer case, the NVG-149 takes 4.4pt (2.2qt) of the ATF, so you would need to get 3 more qt. AMSOIL recommends the Signature Series Multi-Vehicle ATF (has the red cap), or Torque-Drive ATF for it. Their top recommendation is the blue cap, but I have the Torque-drive in my SS and my Trans Am, and have never had an issue running it in either.


If you don't have someone local to cut you a deal, let me know. I can usually ship it straight to you for around the same, or a little cheaper than if you pay retail for it local.

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