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So after 6 wonderful years with my 2003 SSS truck, I came across the opportunity of a life time just so happen to be on my birthday. The dealership I work for got a beautiful 2010 callaway corvette with 4700 miles on it. By the end of the day I was taking the vette home, which brings up this post. After all the pride and hardwork that went into the SS I had to take majority of it out so I do have some item for sale out of my old truck some where used in it some part I never had a chance to put on. So item that are for sale custom dual 12in sub box, DD 2500.1 amp, amp wiring kit 0gauge,kenwood navi double din,bully dog tuner and scanner with flush a pillar mount, comp cam [email protected] (brand new never installed), muffler back stock exhaust including tip. I do have a 102mm ls3 throttle body but don't know if want to sell since the vette has the same kinda nice to have a xtra just in case but if offered fair enough I might sell also might sell stock 4L65E torque converter has 70k on it. ALL ITEMS ARE THEIR PRICE/O.B.O PLUS SHIPPING


Bully dog tunner with a pillar mount-- 140.00 obo


Stock muffler/tip exhaust-- 125.00


Kenwood double din navi dnx6180-- 300.00 obo

(Doesn't eject CDs)


0gauge wiring with furs block-- 50.00 obo


OEM torque converter 70k (possibly for sale). 100.00





Subwoofer box-- 280.00 boo


Digital design 2500.1 amp in pics 650.00 obo











Comp cams -- 240.00. Obo






Throttle body-- $$????



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Where you located for shipping purposes?


EDIT: on my computer I see Iowa... doesn't show on the mobil app.

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That's great. Enjoy the vett there sweet.

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How much you asking for the throttle body? Do you know if it will fit a tbss manifold?


Also nice car you got pics?

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Bump .....taking any offer need these thing gone

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