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10's Baby...Finally!!


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No doubt.

Truly looking forward to where you take your truck now from this point.

Maybe some nitrous?

Honestly I think I'm gonna chill for a while and just enjoy it the way it is. ...God only knows how much I've spent on this thing, because I'm afraid to add it all up!


Its just incredible how much you were able to accomplish with what you have. I mean, stock block, heads, blower at only 14psi? And you pulled 10s? And 80e and fuel system etc to support the power of course... But damn. Haha. My build is nearly identical to yours, only with forged guts and the jackshaft style 2300, I wont see as much belt slip and might shoot for higher boost numbers.. Glad you were able to get such a great time with your truck. Gives me hope to run a 10s myself


The e85 I think made all the difference in the world with mine


You'll get there for sure Brandon, can't wait to see what she'll do when you're finally able to open her up at the track. Good luck man, you've created an awesome truck I personally really love.

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That is an awesome run Randy! I have been so busy lately I haven't been able to get to the track yet. I have to wait until the track opens in a few months. Plus I haven't compounded my nitrous to my radix yet... I hope I have some success with a 75-100 shot and boost... Again nice run and I am happy to see a stock bottom hold together because I don't plan on rebuilding mine until I have too LOL

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I know this is a bit late on my reply to this posting, but I'll say congrats on here as I did on the phone when you ran this time. I've said for years that the TVS2300 has more than enough kick to it to get these times and yet I see time after time that people try to get there by making their setup over complicated and for no reason. More will eventually follow the 10 second number, but I don't see it being common. Along with many mistakes I see to much of the idea for over camming and over boosting. Well done Randy...

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