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Today my 03' SS started to shift very heavy. From 1-2 it would rev pass 3k. The shift time was very high pass 5sec which is not suppose to do. 2-3 is fine and 3-4 is good also. But than coming to a stop she will stay in 4th gear and not drop down to first. If I manually down shift she will give me first than I shift to second and she's good and so on but that's manually shifting her and she shifts perfect.

So the transmission could have not gone out.

I do not race in her I don't just randomly dog her around everywhere. I don't even daily her. Was just a good day to drive her and started acting up.

I've seen millions of forums and googles and searched everywhere and get different answers which is a headache.

***I hear that my transmission needs a rebuild...than I hear it's a wiring problem....than they say it's a PCM problem...if not that it could be a speed sensor.


All that is done to her is a

Torquer v2 cam

Circle D 3600 converter

243 heads with .660 lift springs

Tbss Intake manifold/ tbss throttle body

1 7/8 long tube pace setter headers

Volant CAI


If anyone could give me any info that would be a big help. Thanks

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First step scan for codes. Even if your check engine light isn't on but my guess it is or will it soon it will give you a better idea what's going on or where to start.....

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