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So Close to a the first 10 second Maggie


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Here's a short vid of one of my runs today at Mo-Kan Dragway. This place kicks ass! No roll bar, no worries, they'll let you run all day long!





Anyway, here's my results on 305/40/22 street tires, spinning very bad outta the hole.





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Thanks man. Yeah, spinning is definitely a problem! I lined up for my last run of the day directly after the 11.07 run, had my best dry burnout of the day, launched and something to do with my drivetrain broke. The elusive 10 second run just didn't happen today for me, but if I can get her to hook better, I'm guessing a 10.8 is doable...not bad for a stock short block on 22" street tires!


...and your setup should get you well into the 10's for sure

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Awesome man, good job

Thanks again Pat! I'm pretty happy about my times...at least for now, until someone beats me which is only a matter of time, lol


That is awesome. So close to 10s with intros that's sweet. What did you end up breaking?

Thanks Ramon! I know, it really sucks I didn't get there, but that's how the diffs crumble!


I'm not exactly sure what broke. I was just happy she managed to load back onto the tilt bed trailer I had! ...maybe the rear diff, maybe the front, not quite sure just yet. I'm dropping her off at my tech's garage this evening so he can go through everything.

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