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Painting caliper brackets


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Just went out to grab a few. Sorry the wheels aren't positioned very well, that's how it sat lol






Thats perfect. Im gonna paint them black. Hopefully i should have the silverado ss sticks here next week. If he can ship them today.

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7f5a98a08e538a10cf9a0f8b7852d6c5.jpg88fc34b4bb444b72041b3f1642680029.jpg not installed yet but these are the Suv upgrade for the rear cleaned and painted with por 15


sent from galaxy s6

That looks awesome. I just used the vht caliper paint spray can from autozone. I put 2 coats of primers, 2 coats, then finish up with 2 coats of clear. They turned out really well so far. Im gonna clear the brackets as well. Hopeing to have everything back together except the calipers today.

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You sure know how to make someone jealous! They do look sexy tho

That looks pretty good. Do you have a picture of them on the truck?

They can be yours! I've considered selling them. My intro wheels won't fit in the front without a small spacer.

Not on the truck but let me see what I've got.

Here they are behind my wheel, I was just messing around seeing how they would look.I


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