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Anyone dealt with PATC in the last year? I am doing a 4l80e build and have had a ton of issues with these people. First guy I talked to a long time ago was cool and seemed knowledgeable. Since then the people I have dealt with just act like pompous a-holes and act like I am bothering them by spending almost $3k on parts...... I wanted a COMPLETE rebuild kit, and told them so because I don't know the history of the trans I am building and wanted everything fresh.. I also ordered a billet low/Rev servo, input shaft, forward drum with bearings, transgo hd2 kit, red eagle clutch/steels kit, carbon fiber bands, bushing kit, new sprags, larger intermediate sprag and drum, some sonnax upgrades, Teflon coated pump gears, billet converter and trans segment swap. I received a Dodge pump gears (even said Dodge on paper they had it wrapped in),so they sent me correct one, I sent those back with their prepaid label and then they accused me of not sending the dodge one back and threatening to charge me. No stator bushing, no molded pistons (didn't know they weren't in the kit they sold me, wasn't told otherwise), kit did have the aluminum piston seals, wrong converter bolt pattern, no low/Rev piston or servo seals with rebuild kit OR new billet servo. Input shaft didnt want to fit correctly and I had to hone it and the bushing with the help of a local builder. When I asked about some Sonnax parts pricing and availability, they just billed me for them and sent them.... tried getting the segment swap I paid for and the salesman was rude and said he needed more info (which was not explained to me in the first place)..and this was after my tune email "supposedly" sat in their junk email folder for 2 weeks after I sent it the first time. Then their tuner left (thank god, because they charged me $450 for just a segment swap and I just had Zippy charge me $225 for that and my engine tune). Had to talk to 3 people to get a refund for that... and any questions I've had or when I asked for recommendations, I just got labored responses riddled with indifferrence... I got tired of dealing with them and just got the parts I was missing/needed elsewhere. I expected way more from them with the recommendations I've heard from numerous people over the years. Next time I believe I will use Jake's Transmissions. I have seen his level of customer service and knowledge and it's outstanding from what I can tell. Unfortunately, I had already given my money to these monkeys. RANT OVER!

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Lol I don't know where you heard good reviews about those guys, but I never have. I haven't dealt with them personally and won't ever. I did my 4l80e swap earlier this year, but I got lucky and found a low mile unit to start with....then tore it apart for dual feed mod and a little freshening up inside. What converter are you going to go with?

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