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np149 vs bw4481

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I have a 2002 escalade with a non repairable nv149. I havent been able to find another in my area. I bought a bw4481 with low miles for 200$ out of an 07 denali.


Are they interchangeable or will it not just bolt up and go

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They are not interchangeable, it might bolt up, but won't work correctly. The borg warner is electronic and uses the bcm and the brakes to control wheel slip. The 149 uses a mechanical method, viscous coupler.

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Quick search, I found Bear explaining the differences. I've asked this guy a few questions about t cases before, and I believe he knows his stuff:

The '03 and up Yukon Denali's and Escalade's used the BW-4481, which is an 1-speed, full time AWD, open differential that worked in conjunction with traction control unlike the NVG-149's that were in the trucks for all years and YD and Esky's before '03. The regular Yukon's, Tahoe's and Suburban's could have came with the BW-4482, which is a 2 speed, full time AWD, open differential style that worked in conjunction with traction control and had a low range lock. So there are quite a few trucks running around that have the correct front differential to be used with the best of the bunch NVG case.

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The bw4481 is a horrible tcase. I put one in my SS years ago and took it out within a week. You will get horrible front wheel spin with it since it is basically an open diff.

Go to www.car-part.com to find a used one or buy a rebuilt off ebay for about $1000-1100 shipped. Many rebuilders list them as a NP149 since new process bought new venture gear.

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