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Was driving yesterday on way to Ohio. Saw an IntimidatorSS in Cattletsburg, KY. Btw its for sale. I kind of know where he lives. 20K is what I was told. Coming back from Ohio..waved to Black SS guy gave thumbs up. Then later...saw a different Black SS. Spoke to him an invited him to group got a pic....so the total in my small area is My Blue/neighbors Red / 2 black SS in chesapeake area (informed of a 3rd down the road from there), and Intimidator...I was excited...

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Yeah..that'd be cool bad part is im worried bout bringing it. Any time it rains theres a wreck on highway. Non drivin fools. Plus id put it up for winter. If i can find a place with a garage its coming if not im storing it in my dads garage an bringin only the Sierra

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I rarely check this section but I'm in Chesapeake(Great Bridge) and work in VB.

Black '03 with a '06 front. Black wheels. If one of you sees me flag me down. I'll try to do the same.


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