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Anyone else into smoking???


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John that looks so damn good! Gonna have to get me some fat rib eyes now... Or maybe do another prime rib smoke...


Thanks Alex. I would probably trade you the steak for some of that Prime Rib. I don't buy much steak if it's not thick like that. Thick just frees you up to go low and slow with smoke and then sear. I really like the results.


I still haven't taken the plunge with PR. Gonna have to do that one a these days.

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Candied Bacon,


More a snack than a main coarse meal item.


Baste thick cut bacon strips with real Maple syrup, add your favorite rub and let marinate overnight.




Heat up your smoker to 225*, sprinkle your marinated bacon with brown sugar, then Smoke at 225* for an hour, turn the bacon over, baste the other side with Maple syrup, add more rub if you want, sprinkle with brown sugar and smoke side 2 for another hour.




Off the smoker and boxed up. Now the tough part; Put it up in the refer for 8 or more hours. It will firm up the bacon and allow the flavors to mix / marry up. Trust me; It's better than eating it right off the smoker.


Boxed up and ready for a rest,




Like I said at the start; This is more a snack, treat, or side than a main dish item. I had some the next morning with fried eggs on toast buttered with butter I smoked last cold spell.


Here's a pic showing the diff between regular and smoked butter. Trust me; modded butter, (Smoked), is awesome.







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