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Just found out truck has 4.56's on the hwy it cruises at around 2500rpms at 70/75. I'm about to move to Texas. Do yall think it'd be ok to drive or should i tow it?

I'm curious why you think you have 4.56's? They don't stamp gear ratio on housing... I could be wrong but I am 99% sure. On a 2006 SSS they only came with 3:73's....

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It wasn't stamped on the housing it was stamped on the ring gear that's what the picture is of

It really doesn't do to bad by the mpg computer on the dash it did 16-17 to okc and back

SS trucks never came factory with anything other than 4.10s for AWD and 3.73 for RWD. my awd SS runs around 2500 at 75

Never said it came with it, when I pulled the cover I was pretty sure it had been into before. I just knew when I got on the highway the rpms were a lot higher then the other 99-06 trucks Id had previously so I just pulled the cover and changed the oil figured it couldn't hurt. And counted the gears and checked the stamping on the ring gear

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