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Anybody ride quads/ATVs?

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Been riding ATV's for many years. Here's a list of the machines I've had in order.

1) 1987 Yamaha Warrior (Sold, Bought back, Sold again)

2) 1995 Yamaha Warrior (Sold)

3) 1996 Yamaha Banshee (Sold)

4) 1987 Yamaha Banshee (Sold)

5) 2000 Yamaha Kodiak (Bought new, still have)

6) 2001 Yamaha Wolverine (Bought new still have)

7) 2001 Yamaha Banshee (Sold)

8) Want something new........


Put myself in the Hospital in 2003 after flipping my fathers 2003 Yamaha Kodiak (my have had a couple beers that night)

8) Want something new.......2014 Polaris Sportsman 850XP Limited Edition


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Boys weekends away up in Maine.....I know a few of us are in ;)





You boys know it ... :thumbs:



2014 Polaris Ranger 800 LE





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08 LTR-450 LE intake, exhaust, light head work, cams, efi tune, gear'd n paddles for the sand. I broke a lot of hearts in this thing before the head work n cams. Owned a lot heavily modified yfz's including a cousins yfz that has gone through every setup you can think of lol.

Haven't got much riding done in the last 3 years, I got to get the plastics back on my bike and I might do a big bore kit to make it interesting again.

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Nice, I got 5 quads now and a dirt bike. Got a 1985 Suzuki Quad sport LT230 and a 1985 Honda XR200R dirt bike. Both of these need work. Picked them up really cheap and was going to fix them and turn around and sell them. Other than these two, I got a 2009 KTM450SX ATV which I race now. Got a 2010 Polaris Outlaw 450 ATV, got a 2002 Cannondale Moto 440 ATV and got a 2004 Yamaha YFZ450. I'm really big into ATV motocross racing and I am currently competing in the Minnesota District 23 motocross racing series. I'm not very fast rider yet. I'm okay, but I really need someone to practice with. I got quads to ride and now just wish I had someone that was good at riding and fast rider in ATV motocross who could teach me to ride better.

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