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Anybody ride quads/ATVs?

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I have had many quads and three wheelers in the past as well as all types of dirtbikes and road bikes.. One of my favorites was a track ready 2000 R6, fast as hell... Currently I have

-1978 Honda 250 Enduro bored 30 over

-2011 1300 Stryker murdered out.

-1998 SRX 700 modded out

-2000 MXZ 700 millennium edition bone stock

-1978 Yamaha Exciter 440

-1997 16'ft tracker side counsel with a 70HP Evinrude. Perfect small fishing boat...

- My 2003 SSS is a toy too


My DD is a 2007 Colorado with a 4" skyjacker lift and 33" MT's with a badass kenwood speaker and amp combo pushing 2 Kicker CVR's

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Nice to see some of you enjoy riding. I have 5 sport quads for racing ATV Motocross and just picked up an old 1985 Honda XR200R dirt bike recently without an engine in it. I plan to find an engine for this dirt bike, fix it and turn around and sell it.

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There's a guy up here that cut and welded a trike that has an engine and center frame from an XR600 or XR650 so he could register it for the road then welded the back of a 350X trike and also used the 350X fork and triple tree blinkers and all rides it like a streetbike everywhere it's sick

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Use to ride quads, bikes (R1), snowmobiles (Yamaha trail, Ski Doo drag racer), go karts (both my own at my place and on tracks, track cart 100mph+ capability). After flipping a quad I stopped and just am into the truck and extremely rare model trains now.

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Been riding ATV's for many years. Here's a list of the machines I've had in order.
1) 1987 Yamaha Warrior (Sold, Bought back, Sold again)
2) 1995 Yamaha Warrior (Sold)
3) 1996 Yamaha Banshee (Sold)
4) 1987 Yamaha Banshee (Sold)
5) 2000 Yamaha Kodiak (Bought new, still have)
6) 2001 Yamaha Wolverine (Bought new still have)
7) 2001 Yamaha Banshee (Sold)
8) Want something new........

Put myself in the Hospital in 2003 after flipping my fathers 2003 Yamaha Kodiak (may have had a couple beers that night)

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Let's see it's been a while but I grew up on atvs and dirt bikes. Lived right down the street from the sandpits.

Started driving them when I was 8

1988 Yamaha 100 (stolen)

1987 Suzuki 230 quad runner (stolen) recovered sold

1988 Honda 200stx (stolen) recovered sold

1991 kx 80 sold

2000 kx 100 race bike sold

1986 Honda 250r full race upgrades sold

2008 Suzuki 400x sold.

Only flipped over once on a quad. Being stupid. Haven't owned one for a few years. I hope to get one for me and my son in the next few years. For now it's just rc cars/trucks!!!!!!

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I flipped mine sober while trying a 20 ft gap jump, why I decided not to ride again. Measured once at 42' in the air (you know when your looking down on house roofs that are 3 stories it is pushing some limits).

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