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Custom Fiberglass Silverado SS roll pans Updated 11-17-19


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Update 11-17-19

More rollpans have been made and are ready to ship. No waiting. 

[email protected]

or text me 818-681-9776

Update 4-11-18

Roll pans are done and ready to ship. For anyone thats pmed me or emailed me I think I responded to everyone. Get them while you can.



Update 3-25-18

All rollpans are sold. I will probably make another run of these. Ill talk to my fiberglass guy this week and see how busy he is. As Ive said before, I will make these as long as there is a demand. But it took a while to sell all the rollpans from the last run so this run will be smaller. If you want one I suggest getting it sooner or later. This may be the last run if the demand is gone.




March 2015

They are finlly done and ready to ship. Up for sale are custom fiberglass roll pan specifically for Silverado SS trucks. These roll pans are modeled from a cleaned up and slightly modified BSER roll pan. If you have one of these trucks, you know that a normal Silverado roll pan will not work. These roll pans are designed to wrap the sides to fill the voids to line up with the factory cladding. Some trimming is required. The roll pans have extra material to allow the end user to fit the roll pan to their truck since each truck will be slightly different. Professional installation with fiberglass experience is recommended. Stainless studs with backing plates included.



Price is $600 shipped. I can send you a paypal funds request or you can simply send me the funds. Do not send as a gift. If you send it first, send it as a purchase so we are both covered by paypal and so I have your shipping info. I ship Fedex ground, insured and signature required. Local pickup is available with a $50 discount in the LA area/Southern California. I'm in the San Fernando Valley and available to meet up reasonable distances depending on my work schedule. My email is [email protected]















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These things are really really nice. Shipping is super quick as well! Don't hesitate to get one of these well worth the money. I can't wait to get mine on. Just too busy at the moment...

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Wish I could afford one I have been wanting one but can never find one when I got the cash

Well I own the mold and the fiberglass shop said I should be able to get at least a couple hundred roll pans out of it unless it gets damaged. I'll keep making them as long as there is a demand and I've got the model and mold tucked away in my garage for safe keeping.

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AWESOME work. Thank you so much for taking the initiative to do this and finally satisfy the demand for these things!! :thumbs: Ill be buying one in a few months for sure. Post these up on Performancetrucks.net as well. They'll sell like hotcakes.. Just keep one on the shelf for me!

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