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Oil catch can install help.


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considering installing a catch can for my 2003 silverado ss. But I cannot find any type of thread for install with pics. I wanted to see how hard it is and match sure I install correctly to dirty side of pcv. Looking for some help or guidance. Thank you to all that reply.

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I installed mine off the drivers side valve cover and into the catch can and from the catch can into the intake very easy and catches oil

Thank you Aldofashow for the reply. Do you have any pics showing how everything is hooked up. I am figuring I need to remove all the engine cover stuff to get to the hose's so I can install but was hoping for some pics to see where everything is hooked up, for both inlet and outlet. So far I had no luck finding any good instructions or pics.

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I can take some pics ill have to text them to you pics are to big to post here from my iPhone just pm your cell to me and I can also answer any questions you might have after seeing the pics

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Sorry to anyone following this thread. Was waiting for warm weather and my best friend pass away recently so it was hard to do any work one the truck. So I completed install of catch can. Worked out very well. I am going to try to post pics.

Champion210 I don't have vid anymore. But hopefully the pics will help u.





Sorry for multi pics




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Posting pics is toughpost-1646-0-93569100-1429482412_thumb.jpgpost-1646-0-15069300-1429482509_thumb.jpg



Above pic reflects the tube that goes from the valve cover to top of intake.post-1646-0-18710800-1429482768_thumb.jpg


Tube has a protective covering on it.




Above pic shows the 2 hose lines that I routed thru the same area so that I can get the side engine cover on.post-1646-0-44837600-1429483334_thumb.jpgpost-1646-0-15831600-1429483351_thumb.jpg

2 more pics of routing close to alternator.



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I am hoping pics help anyone who wants to install a oil catch can.

This is what I did which I am happy with, I am sure the are other ways of doing this so maybe it will give anyone ideas. Thanks to everyone who replied.

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