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Clacking/Clunking upon cold startup, NOT the normal piston slap

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The way I see it. If its making some pretty ridiculous noise and your motor still runs perfect, maybe even some wot... it's most likely not the motor. Though I have been wrong before. Maybe take the little cover off the bottom of your trans and go in there with a magnet, maybe you got a piece of rubbish in there clunking around on your flexplate. Do you have the dust cover on your starter hole? It sounds to me like something stupid. I don't think a potentially extreme and serious noise would be in the motor then just go away. Wish you were closer, I'd sure like to check it out. I guess your motor could have spit something into the exhaust and it gets stuck from time to time in the cat, sounds kinda far fetched though. If you have enough time on your hands maybe just pop a valve cover off just to look. If you took off the bottom end, and the pushrods and rockers all look right, I think you could rule out motor.

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Definitely worth checking converter bolts and flexplate, I broke one on an old 94 chevy I had with a big lift. I don't recall it making noise but eventually my starter had a hard time engaging. If you take the starter off you can see converter bolts, in a 2wd it should be cake. But to see the rest of flexplate is gonna be tough because of the converter.

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My DD is a 96 civic and it has what sounds like rod knock and a piston hitting a valve. It will do this while it's cold but when it warms up it goes away and will not do it again until it gets cold again.


Also the piston noise sometimes has no rhythm. Sometimes it sounds like it hits every couple revolutions and others it sounds like it hits on every revolution. The rod knock (and I'm just guessing that's what it is) isn't as common.


I didn't pay much for the car and don't wanna sink much money in it.


Any idea what the noise could be?


Would it be best to start a new thread?

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