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Relocating Fuse box / ECM to inside the dash

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Took vacation and than liked it too much so stayed out longer but I'm back now.

Stayed up through the night the day before I left town and finished up the job for the most part.
The whole project took a lot of these 2 things,
Scotch super 88 and sonic, I really like this tape because it does well with heat and water, thats what its there for.
This is the part I imagine a few people might want to know about, for the actual joints what I did was determine what wire lengths I needed and used the truck as a measuring tape. For example all the wires coming from the back of truck along frame where extended the length between the two headlight pins. Its much easier to measure a wire against that 40 times than a actual measuring tape. After I cut the wire length I put 2 3/32nd's heat shrink tubes on the wire and striped both sides. Than I cut ONE WIRE AT A TIME FROM THE HARNESS!!!! This is imperative, it is literally almost impossible to cut through the entire harness and put it back, obvious for most I know. Anyway I cut one wire at a time strip both sides than smash the new wire so their threads intertwine and than twist until I can't anymore, this makes a mechanical connection thats already pretty hard to pull apart. Next just take your soldering iron put it under the wire and melt some rosin core solder into the joint, these are small wires about 18 gauge for most and the flux makes the entire joint saturated almost instantly they are very quick to make. Next just melt the heat shrink into place over the joints and move to the next wire.
This is what one of the bundles looks like I found that cool see through heat shrink and was like why not I was getting so mind numb from doing such monotonous soldering and wanted something to look at.
I grouped the wires by twisting them together, I first twisted groups of wires to a plug for example this is to the drivers O2 sensor, than took and twisted a group of wires going somewhere such as drivers side frame.
These next 2 pictures are as I was grouping up wires by what they do and where they go, It took awhile to find a feasible way to pull the entire harness behind the motor, the wires were all designed to be pulled towards drivers side so it was weird untangaling the factory grouping and making it how I wanted.
More than a few of us have probably eliminated a few things in our trucks, for example I no longer have any use for any transmission, EGR, or O2 sensor wires so I just cut, labeled, and noted how to find them again in my maintenance record.
A fishing tape helps run things through the frame, I just used a coat hanger and it was... less than optimal got it done though. I ran a few things through the frame such as this wheel sensor, my negative battery cable and a few others
I finally got to measuring and finishing parts of the harness, I started at the front of the motor and went back, for this I basically just plugged in the furthest forward plug and worked back, In this picture I started with throttle body cables and worked back through alternator, injectors etc. You can't see it but a lot of things have extra wire and I thought it would be dumb to cut things I didn't need to so the extra is folded, coiled, and taped than the entire bundle is taped again than loomed and taped yet again.
This is the injector harness for the passenger side
Once I got some of the simpler connections made I took the entire harness out so it would be easier to work with, this is the entire wiring harness for the truck except for whats in the interior or on the frame coming from the back.
Taping a bundle
Extending sensors for ECM
Harness starting to make more sense
For the coils I got a aluminum bracket off eBay than I just used the same harness lengths because it was close enough, you'll see the coil on the end is looped. Taped it up to keep everything and place and metal off of metal as these are getting mounted to the body.
This is how groups going the same way look
The harness mostly done
I cut this hole in the truck, it is on the passenger side of the transmission hump, I would follow this design exactly if you are doing anything similar, the wide part is to get the connector through than you push the wire to the skinny part to fit the next big connector through. It worked flawlessly and with the dynomat there I didn't have to worry about damaging my work
Making spark plug wires is not that fun and I was cold so I jumped in my other car with heat on to warm my hands up and forgot about pictures but I measured and made all the wires to the lengths they needed to be to fit new coil location than mounted the coils up, they now live up above the bell housing. Manual tranny is easy enough to drop to get to them in the rare case I need to.
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At this point I put the harness in truck pulled it everywhere it needed to go ran wires through holes and plugged everything in etc. Now its time to start the truck !! I cranked it over and got a huge backfire... not exactly what I was hoping for and than I remembered that I had switched where I mounted the coil packs but didn't switch their harness so I swapped them and tried again and she roared to life!!! Ran codes and everything was good so I reeved her and heard a horrible horrible sound. So killed the truck and was trying to figure out what happened and I realized that I had been sitting on the fan shroud and it sunk down and was hitting the fan so I just fixed that fired her up again and everything was perfect(can't wait for electric fans). Been driving her since and everything works perfect, tomorrow I'm going to work on finishing the last few things that need to be done, I need to run the MAF and AC plugs from the inside through the cowl and to their respective ports. Than I'm also going to run new wires for the horns, wipers, alarm, cruise control etc which all live in the cowl now plus a few other things that I'll post up than I can take pics, put the dash back together, and show ya'll how it turned out !! For those of you interested in doing this feel free to ask for more pics descriptions etc I have a lot more info just too much to post at one time


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Have any pics of the engine bay with the wires tucked?

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I thought about doing this same thing since my turbo on my drivers side likes to melt everything. I have to admit that this looks like a fun little job lol.

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