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Relocating Fuse box / ECM to inside the dash


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Yesterday I was under the truck finishing up the wiring for my A4 to M5 swap and without the transmission in I finally found a good spot to route all the wires from the engine bay into the interior. My plan is to have only the motor in the engine bay with everything else shaved or tucked so obviously the fusebox and ecm had to go. I'm pulling the engine harness along with everything else back behind the motor and than I'm going to bring it all up into the truck right in front of the shifter hole.

I sat there and thought about everything for awhile trying to make sure I wasn't about to do it wrong but than I decided screw it and just started cutting into stuff. I started with the harness that already comes from the interior I'm about 80% done with extending it I've got all the plugs it has extended except the big one. Several months ago I move my cruise, alarm, and horns into the wiper cowl so I already had that one extended. I'm going to pull the entire harness into the truck and than drill a hole into the wiper cowl to pass the cruise and all those wires back.

I have a iPad mounted in my dash so I'm going to tuck the fuse box behind where its mounted so that I can just remove the iPad to get to fuses.

The ECM is pretty perfect, there is a spot behind the glove box that fits the pocket of the ECM absolutely perfectly no cutting required.

I'm going to post as much information and pictures as I can because while searching for how to do this I couldn't find much more than people saying how bad it sucks and pictures of it completed.

Last night I was pretty focused and didn't take many pictures but heres a few of the harnesses I made 250 feet of wire later.




And here is the fuse box location


I'm going to be spending all of Tuesday working on this so i'll take a lot of pictures


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I was thinging of trying to do something similar while my truck is completely torn down. still not sure. I will for sure be cleaning up a ton of wire and how its routed once it starts going back together. So how are you planning on covering up the fuse block where it set now in the cab?

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I appreciate the compliments everyone, Its awesome being on the productive and positive side of the internet stay awesome everyone!!


As much as I plan and account for things theres one variable I always forget about... ME

I get thee urges sometimes when I feel like a idea so good it has to be executed right then, so on that note the truck currently has no transmission, no ECM, and I decided that considering all that now would be a good time to do racing stripes, check it out here







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