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Compound turbo setup


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I purchased this kit off another forum months ago but with snow coming and putting the truck in storage I am considering selling this kit and starting over in the spring. Its a KB racing kit.

Hot side
Compound log manifold
Compound crossover for 80mm
2.5" crossover
Down pipe (you will need to connect to your exhaust)
60mm Magnum turbo
80mm BorgWarner s480
JGS 50mm wastegate
Godspeed 60mm wastegate
SS feed lines for both turbos
Drain for both turbos

Cold Side
Air to water intercooler
4 gallon Ice tank

I also have a 255Lph intank fuel pump that I will ship with it. You will need some hoses, tune and a small amount of piping for the cold side. THe cold side is brand new.

Looking to seel the kit for 2500 plus shipping and pay pal fees. Most locations in the continental US would be about 200.00. Will not ship outside of that. Text me if you are interested.

This kit made 643Whp on a stock 4.8.

cell is 207-423-2870



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