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Fluid type/capacity chart

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Can anyone steer me in the direction of this? I have a 2003 silverado ss so it has the awd transfer case. I did all the fluids a couple years ago and would like to do them again.

Front and rear diff - 75w90 (couldn't remember 2-4 quarts?)

Transmission- universal ATF? How much? I used the bg stuff last time

AWD transfer case- for the life of me I can't find what type is needed. I thought i used royal purple synchromax last time. 2 quarts?



I want to have everything ready to go so I can do it all the same day. Thanks for info in advance

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Need front transfer case fluid changed on my 04 SS. 185K, changing out everything re no idea of previous owner maintenance. First time messing with a front transaxle. I gather need 2 quarts of ACdelco Auto Trak II for the front transfer case, What and where and how do I do differential gear oil? New territory for me.


Captain Red


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