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How to install your Fog Light wiring to Factory Switch


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Found this article for installing your harness for fog lights to your fuse block and shows were D6 is on the block.


This only if you don't have a harness and have to add it.


Remember that most of the SSS have the harness tucked up under the front area so spend time look for the connectors, if you find them then all you need is the relay, switch, and foglights.



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Here's how to add wiring to your fuse block if you don't have a harness.


Review the prior post to see for connection to the fuse block.




Foglight Switch-http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0013FXXGE/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Foglight harness-I used this one and cut out the relay and used the connecton to the foglight and hot to the fuse block and grounded to the side of the engine block. http://www.ebay.com/itm/H11-880-Relay-Wiring-Harness-For-HID-Conversion-Kit-Add-On-Fog-Lights-LED-DRL-/131323307029?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item1e937aa415&vxp=mtr


Relay- you can get at any part store or on ebay.


First disconnect your battery and remove the brace above the fuse panel.




Then remove the cover and add the relay, look under the cover it will show the place for the relay. The picture shows mine is black and in the lower left corner.




Take the top cover of the fuse box off, there are clips on the front and back to remove it. Turn it over and you will see a GREEN square block. Use the prior thread or your shop book to locate D6. If D6 has 2 purple wire in its place then you do have a foglight harness installed.




Find D6 it next to the RED wire in the pic. You will need to add a wire to the GREEN block that will connect to the relay. You will need the clip that fits in the square, I went to wrecking yard and cut a few out from a later model truck. When you cut it out keep the wire long enough to pigtail it to the fog light wiring harness.




continue to nexted thread,

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To add the clip to D6 you need to slide out the blue clip on the GREEN box to install the connector clip make sure you install it the same as the others in the block. Then pigtail your hot wire onto the end and reinstall the block back in place and reinstall the whole fuse box back together.


Take the ground wire from your harness to the side of the engine block. Then I covered it with the plastic wire loom.




Plug your foglight harness to the lights, I took black ties and strapped the harness to other wires.


Re hook up the battery.


Here are some picture of the Fog Lights instlalled. There are other threads on how to make the brackets and install the foglights in this How to do section.


Bolts above the foglight/brake ducts to attach the brackets of the foglights.




Brackets installed on bumper. Thread of bracket dimensions and how to install. http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/63507-fog-lights-on-the-ss/




Side view of foglights




Front views.





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Had a set of nice OEM housings and the switch from 1Fastbrick sitting around here forever; finally got around to doing mine today, used the bracket info given in this post -> http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/86458-how-to-install-your-fog-light-wiring-to-factory-switch/ - my truck being an '06 the factory wiring is already in place so I just needed to make brackets and add the parts.

I used plain 1 x 1/8" steel flat bar to make the brackets.  Thought about using aluminum and it probably would have been fine at that thickness, but I wanted to be sure they wouldn't flex at all.  Used cutoff wheel to zip off some 5" sections then drilled the holes 1/4" with one end a little offset as shown in that thread, then cleaned up all the edges with the die grinder.  Even with the 1/8" thickness I was able to attach them without issue using the studs poking up from the bumper cover brackets above the brake ducts.  I used stainless fasteners since they sit right above the lens, didn't want moisture causing any rust to drip down on them.

Mocking up the bracket using a piece of cardboard just to be sure


First set made, checking the fit and operation


Side view behind the brake duct, I think I want to cut out some vinyl to cover up the excess lens area and prevent light bleed-through around the duct


Other set made, both lights in place and operating


Popped 'em back apart to paint the brackets to prevent rust, now that I know they fit how I want them to


Easy job...next up I'll order either some high power LED's or maybe HID's to go in them; probably go with LED as HID seem to be obnoxiously bright in this application.


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Thanks, pretty happy with it so far.  Also considering Plasti-Dip to mask the lens as it would let me cover the sides of the lens way easier than vinyl.  Figure I can mock 'em back in there and easily mask off the area to not coat and then get to it.


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And now with some LED bulbs in the fogs to match the HID's a little better


I picked up some simple LED's for the DRL's figured I'd put the relay back in for them but it was too dark for me to be sure I had them plugged in the right way, and my LED flashlight wouldn't fool the sensor on the dash...lol...little project for tomorrow.


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Since there's no cap over the end of the bulb, this design relies on the original halogen capsule having a black painted tip.  I didn't want to use any of the "projector" type LED's that have forward-facing elements that would glare right in people's faces.  I went with a side-mount like the ones DDM sells for $16/ea but found them on Amazon under a generic brand (NINEO) for $24/pair


Truth is in an application like this they're more for looks than actually any useful light pattern on the road.  I have noticed however they seem to be aimed higher than I'd like and I'm thinking about moving the metal bracket to under the plastic housing bracket instead of on top, try to get some more room in the adjustment.  As they sit now you can't adjust down too far because the center of the housing is lower than the center of the brake duct, so you'd start cutting off a lot of the light.


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