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Want Another SS


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Limited so how bad is the rust?? In bottom of doors, rockers, and fenders??

Rather just let ya come see it since I'm just outside of Milford. Message me and we can chat more.


It's bedsides and rockers that have rust. Doors are ok.


This was yesterday.










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You might want to check my ad "50,000 mile pampered 2003 SS for sale. This truck is not even dirty underneath, the only time it has ever been in the rain is if I got caught in the rain on a trip. 95% of the time it is in my shop always clean and I would never consider getting it out for a drive if there was even a chance of rain and I promise there is not a speck of rust on it anywhere.

Check out the list of modifications that have been performed to the truck.

If you are interested in it send me your email address and I will send you about twenty pictures. It will ńo use the most minute drop of oil, no leaks from front to back, excellent oil pressure 40 lbs. idling warm. Waxed every two months or so and clean and dress the leather at the same time. Wiped down weekly with Lucas Spray Wax and always with new never used or washed Micro Fiber Towels including the wheels. It has a new set of Nitto 420S tires with less then 2,000 miles on them.

Anyway check the add if interested and send me your email address if you want pictures.

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