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bigger than a 145 alt


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Looking at the biggest factory gm alternator. I can find. Want one that came on factory truck and not aftermarket.


I have found factory 160 amp code kw1





Looks like I may need an adapter simple enough and a bigger fusible link wire




any other suggestions???? I think my amp and inverter wear out 145's a little too quick.

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If your wearing out 145's is a 15 amp jump to 160 enough?


You mention that your looking for factory GM but if it was me I'd check these out. 200 and 255 amp. (The sites search says they will fit our trucks).



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Don't understand why you need to stay factory. There are a boatload of great alternator manufacturers out there. Mechman, DC power, excessive amperage, singer. What amp and inverter are you running? A 15 amp jump isn't much of crap. What makes you think you need a bigger alternator at that?

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What makes you think you need a bigger alternator at that?

^ I wonder as well????? I am still running my factory 105 amp, and I have 900W sub amp and 2 kicker comps, plus a butt load of mods that draw juice to include E-fans.... I watch my voltage and it doesnt drop below 13-13.5 ever while idling or when the subs hit... I have only replaced the battery once 2 years ago as well...Lights dont dim either... Maybe, just maybe when i bought this truck back in 2005 the previous owner put a different one in at 20k miles but i doubt it, as it was a pure stock truck....


FYI- you can pick up a remanufactured 105amp one for like $90... I dont like remanufactured anything but if you need one they have them

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