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Powerdyne bd-11a supercharger need help on parts and install!

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I came across an old school supercharger POWERDYNE BD-11a I got it for free of a old school guy. I know they discontinued them back in the 90's. I heard some places on the web sell parts for them mostly re build kits though.

Does anyone know where I can get the install manual for it? It looks simple to put on but I'd like to be sure.

Also do I have everything as a complete kit. I'm also looking for the belt that will fit it.

I'm sure I'd need bigger injectors for it also.

If anyone could help that would be great.

Here's a few pics of what was given to me.

It has the adapter plate that mounts on the block just don't have the pic..





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i have one on my truck, call me if you have any questions i can take pictures of anything you would like... 570-592-2709

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