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Pictures of the JGP Bi-Xenon Projector Retrofit !

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so a few months ago, with my little spare time, I got around to doing the bi-xenon projector retrofit on our Joe Gibbs shop truck. these retrofits are one of my personal favorite things, and once you see them in person, you will hate your headlight output :lol: no more hot spots and blinding people with PnP HIDs, yet still having inadequate light output! I used a set of Morimoto Mini H1 bi-xenon projectors for the headlights, and a set of Morimoto Matchbox bi-xenons in the fog lights (but I don't think I have pics of the fog lights). they are powered by Morimoto 50w H1 HIDs with XB35 5000k bulbs up top, 35w ballasts with 5000k XB35 bulbs in the fogs. keep in mind, ALL of these output pictures are SOLELY the low beam projector on, nothing else. bi-xenon solenoid is not open in these. upon high beam activation, the OE halogen high beams come one, in addition to the low and high beam bi-xenon projectors, as well as the fog lights. it is crazy with the high beams on lol. well here are some pics of it, let me know what you all think. this is a service we wanted to bring to our customers, so I put a set in my shop truck first for demo purposes (and cause they are awesome hehe).








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i love the light output they have, but i always hate how the bulgy projector looks in the 'cat eye' lights. usually its totally out of place and 'ebay' looking... BUT these actually dont look bad at all on the rig

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And I had mine apart for some time and recently got around to putting them together. I wanted to discretely add a strobe light kit but didn't do that. Are you going to offer it as headlight kit, or can one just take the headlight apart and send it to you, or is selling the halogen kit alone an option?

Seems like the cutting of the headlight would just take some time but not tough, is there some kind of harness that's needed? And whats the price on this.


BTW looks sharp John, good work

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Very Nice!


I have wanted to do this Mod for a long time now, but I have been a little afraid of screwing it up myself, and the people that do it it charge quite a bit


I would be interested to see what Kelly performance would charge

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I thought the H1 housing is not approved for 50W last time I checked, I did the same retrofit on my truck as well but with 35w 6000k




Low beams..



high beams are stock.




Love cut off lines :) (not anywhere close to this blue!)



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thanks for the compliments guys! :) sorry I cant quote all the different questions, my computer at the shop got some kind of freakin spyware I cant seem to get rid of that is reeking hell on my browsers!! :mad::banghead: (and no it wasn't from porn!! :lol: ) SO I will try my best to answer everything! but if I don't- just shoot me an email or a text! also I think I have more pics of retrofit stuff on our instagram - @kelleyperformance


cost varies quite a bit depending on things... the best way to get a good idea on price is to shoot me an email or text me, and that way we can figure out exactly what we are dealing with :) BUT a very rough estimate could be anywhere from $350 to upwards of $1000+ (trust me, people can get carried away! and no, the setup on our JGP isn't $1000 :lol: ) now as for the way they come, or what way we can do them- this is why the price can vary so much, for one reason. we can do anything you want! this includes if youd like us to start with a set of brand new lights, and build them up from there. this way you always have your stockers if need be, and there is zero down time. we can also have you ship us your lights, and retro them for you, ship them back. sometimes, people just want us to clear the amber corners or color match the corners to the truck without any HID retrofit. if you want to try at it yourself, we can sell you a basic kit. this is why its best to contact us about it. but hopefully you all get the general idea now. keep in mind though- this is a VERY labor intensive job, and is not easy. you don't need to be an ase master tech to do it but you do need fab experience or similar. getting the lights apart is tuff, yes, but that isn't the hardest part with these retro's. on our lights, they do not "drop" in as some of these retro projector companies say they do with "minor modification", as our trucks lights are VERY shallow and VERY small inside.

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