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Just Checking In!

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hey everyone, I doubt anyone noticed but I haven't been around much lately lol :D its been awhile since I have posted on here, and figured it was due time to check in and provide a quick update to what we have been up to. we have been crazy busy around the shop, as we are in the middle of a full blown move! we have been (basically) closed to any new customers for a few months, as we have been in the middle of moving and restructuring the shop here. as many of you know, Kelley Performance was opened initially as a shop inside of our family owned Chevrolet dealership, open since 1955. however, due to many factors, we sold the Chevy franchise back to GM back in late 2009, and have since continued businesses in the collision, service, used car sales, and (most importantly!) the performance industries. the past year, we have been trying to move from our large, outdoor shop, to a more suited size fully indoor, state of the art shop. now that it is all finally settling down, we have begun the process of moving the performance shop to its own location, and re-launching it. SO we are moving from the Hallandale beach, FL area (in between Fort Lauderdale and Miami) up to the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. we have been MUCH in need for a newer, updated facility and we are finally moving! I know I have been very absent and quiet on here for a few months, due to everything going on, and not really taking new customers during this process. BUT we are about a month or so away from kicking off the new shop, and having our "grand Reopening" :lol: however, we are still selling parts and servicing existing customers vehicles as of now. this includes mail order tunes, email tunes (for HPT), parts sales, custom orders, etc etc. so if anyone needs anything, just shoot me a text or shoot us an email at the info in my signature below :) well, I just wanted to say hi to everyone and let anyone who might have actually noticed we weren't around, whats been going on :lol:

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thanks :cheers:


the SSS has been sat to the side due to everything going on lately, but its up and running with the new setup in it; but it is far from finished. heres a few quick pics of it I took. basically, we did a decent sized wire tuck on it, TVS2300 on a forged 376ci, 16 psi, aggressive KP blower cam, LSA ported and polished cylinder heads, etc. however, I do have another motor and trans waiting to go in- for a fairly specific reason :lol: - its an L92 short block, hooked up to a 6L85e trans. we were going to run the gen 4 ECM/TCM (58x crank) in parallel to the SSS PCM (24x crank) to control the trans, but this is just easier and cleaner. also, the 376ci needs new rings since the last few high boost/N2O runs anyways, so it gives me a chance to get it done once we get settled in the new shop with no down time


while it was still pre-running



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as far as the wire tuck goes, we prob have like 20-25 hours into it id say. it definitely is not for beginners, or for those who are impatient lol. its quite the tedious task... but IMO the end result is SO SO worth it, but really only if the truck will spend a fair amount of time being looked at under the hood. this is NOT something I would want to do to my DD that's for sure :lol:


the 6L85 is totally do-able, and will be no issue. the only issue we have is TIME! :rolleyes: also I still have a few things to piece together, and im not even going to consider touching it until we are moved fully into the new shop and everything has settled down. for those of you who are curious as to the kit- we WILL be developing a 6 SPEED KIT! :D at first the kit will be for RWD trucks only, BUT we have an AWD SSS here that will be used to make a full bolt-on, no cutting no welding 6L80/85E transmission kit. the main thing holding up the kit for the RWD right now is the development of a stand-alone TCM to control the heavy duty 6 speed, as these GMT800 trucks only have a single PCM (both engine and trans control modules in one unit) as opposed to the GEN 4 trucks that have an ECM and a TCM. running a TCM from a 4th GEN LS truck is totally possible, but its far from what I would call "bolt-on"... SO once that issue is solved, the RWD kits will be available! after that, for the AWD, we have to develop a CNC'd cut custom adapter housing for the NVG 149 transfer case that makes the AWD SS so special! it can be had "bolt-on" as of now, by using the Escalade/Denali AWD transfer case, but it is far from as ideal for performance reasons as the SSS NVG 149 unit is. anyways, I will be making a thread for the 6 speed swap when we have moved shops and all. and for those who are wondering if it will come true- just do a search for "T56 SS Silverado" and see what you find :jester::D


-John :cheers:

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