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Indiana Gathering

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Alright guys,


Let's set a place to meet (and a time for that matter). I am thinking mid day to meet, but that is up to everyone! Let me know what you guys think!


P.S. - I think IndySSElmo can even come, even though he doesn't have his truck YET!! :D:D

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OK - Here is the big decision!!!


Let's shoot for 1:00 PM.


I am thinking of the Avon area (for those of you not familiar with Indy, it is on the West side).


If noone has any preference where to meet, I am thinking that we meet up in a central location, and then maybe go somewhere to eat (I am thinking like the parking lot of Best Buy or across the street near Barnes and Noble). This is what I am thinking, so if anyone has any objections or opinions, let me know!



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This Sunday, 1:00 PM, in the parking lot of Best Buy in Avon.


The store is right off US 36 (a.k.a. Rockville Road) and is located at 10346 E. US Hwy. 36 in Avon. The store is on the North side of the road.



Let me know if you have and questions!

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