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Roll pan Group buy


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Someone made these awhile back and if we can get these made ill take one. These work and look way better on a ss with the cladding.

I'm not a fan of most roll pans, but that looks damn near factory! Somebody has to know where that came from!

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I don't really understand that 3 PC roll pan lol. Is the side cladding that's also made and it goes all the around instead of having that cut out? Because when it installed on that truck it looks just like a regular roll pan, idk I kinda like BSER style. But as long as it's a roll pan I guess.

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That's only if you move down n work for him RB :)

Lol believe me I'd love to.


Talked to John and he said depending on the amount of people that would be in on the group buy. It could range from 500-600ish.

Sure would be nice to get the ol $450 group buy back.... If only I knew they'd be so sought after. I would have bought 10+ and sold them like diesel addict did. :lol:


Hopefully 5-600 includes shipping. You can get a original Bser for that cost.

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No updates.... He's in the middle of trying to switch shops, so I'm sure this is on hold for the time being...

Once he's done with moving and getting the new shop ready I will bring it up to him again. Sorry guys.

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ok hey everyone, im sorry I am SO late to this thread. we are moving and things have been crazy. basically here is the bottom line- we WILL produce these roll pans, if there is still a market for them. I don't want to make a mold and everything to sell 3 :lol: I have a BSER pan here that we will use as a base, but it might not be exactly the same. I feel it can be improved on a bit. for example, mine did not come with enough material on the edges to sand down to fit my cladding well. I had to add material.


as of now here is the plan- we need to see just how many people are wanting to purchase a roll pan. one thing I can promise you is no one will be let down with the quality. we build wide body kits for C6 (soon C7, almost finished!) in fiberglass, and even in full carbon fiber. these pieces are flawless, ive installed many kits personally. they fit like OEM. the roll pan wont come in needing hours of prep. you can check out some of the vettes online, ill try and find some pics. I know some of you have seen some. we might offer painted roll pans as well, it just all depends on the demand here.


another thing I wanted to gain perspective on- im sure some people have tried to mold the glass pan onto the plastic cladding panels. sure, it looks great the day you do it... but pick-ups flex, a lot. the bond between glass and plastic isn't great... I have considered producing fiberglass rear cladding corners to fix this issue for those who really want a molded roll pan. we would sell them as one solid piece, but everyones truck will vary slightly and shipping would be difficult to say the least.


so maybe alex can get a list going, and we can see if we go forward with this. the pricing will be similar to the BSER. but again, remember- the more buyers, the better the price for you all :) if you all have any questions, shoot me an email [email protected]


John :cheers:

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