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Hit my milestone.


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I'm old enough to have gotten my first car when they were pretty much worn slam out at 100,000 mi. so I've still got bad feelings about seeing that number on the dash.


I know that these trucks will go a lot longer than that but it still makes me sad to see it. Guess I'll see it on my truck about the end of next summer.


Had 193,000 on my 93 Silverado when I traded it for this truck and these trucks are built better than the 93 was.

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It sucks she hit that number. But I'm still riding her hard. Lol. And she still has a s$&t load of pep in her.




Like you all said. She is just getting broken in now.


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Almost at 150000 with no worrys had to deal with front wheel bearings, back knock sensor, clogged cat, lost 2nd gear and drove it for a year like that till upgrading to a FLT level 5 with a yank 3200, and to be honest the engine itself has NEVER let me down, has NEVER left me stranded and runs like a top

This truck is like my right hand man been riding this truck since July of 2006 and still believe its the best choice I've ever made buying it

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