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iPad mini installed with great pics!


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Some of you may have seen this on the Facebook page. I figured I would share it here as well. This is my 2005 SSS with iPad mini installed. It's removable as I usually bring it in the house at night. The iPad mini is a live unit with AT&T data service which runs me about $15 a month. The iPad mini serves as my navigation using Google maps. It is also my music player via iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and iHeart Radio. It charges when docked in this kit. I've got a JVC head unit mounted down below which runs the show and can be used without the iPad.











iPad removed...





Please let me know if you all have questions. Feel free to check out more pics on the install shop Facebook page.... https://www.facebook.com/pages/ICON-Audio-Technologies/185489388139066

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Gonna have too look into this. I'm bored with my alpine double din already, I saw the HD 8" alpine but this would be better.

Does it have a wire to charge it while it's laid in? Or do u have to charge and then set the iPad in? Is it stable, cuz if I'll get the urge to smash on the throttle sometimes and whatever isn't held in place flys around.

What it cost if you don't mind asking, and other then iPad what's needed to get the sound into the speakers?

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