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Well Its 2 weeks ago so why not throw your predictions out there for the playoffs this year. Last year my beloved ravens won it all and this year there is a good chance they don't even make the dance but lets hear it guys and gals.









Wild Cards


San Francisco

New Orleans, Arizona?????????????





New England




Wild Cards


Kansas City

Baltimore, Miami, San Diego??????????????


So what do you guys think?




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Well the my guess for the NFC championship would be carolina vs seattle and the AFC its really a toss up knowing how badly manning plays in the playoffs and patriots just arent there this year reguardless of record but if i had to guess my favorites would be indy vs new england in the afc championship

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Denver and Seattle. That's what I said at the beginning of the season and I'm sticking with it.


It sucks that Arizona is most likely going to be left out of the playoffs yet they are better than most of the teams that will make it.


I'm a big 49ers fan so I would like to see them go but I will be happy with Seattle


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alright wild card weekend is over now so what are you guys thinking for this weekend?




Seattle vs. New Orleans


Carolina vs. San Fran




Denver vs. San Diego


New England vs. indy


Well looks like my pick for the afc championship isn't going to happen lol. I still like Carolina vs seattle in the NFC

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