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WTB: SS Silverado front bumper


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Anybody have a front bumper laying around? Preferably oem, my streetscene one always bothered me. Reason I ask is a horse trailer in my town ripped into mine yesterday and drove off, I am devastated :(. I know it will need brackets as well but I will take what I can get. Let me know! Thanks.


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Last week somebody backed into my front bumper, AGAIN :(. I talked to the body shop who will be doing the work and they printed off an estimate but told me it would be cheaper for me to find a complete one rather than them buy one from the dealership, so I'd appreciate it if anyone could get to me with a front bumper cover, any of the brackets, ducts, silver grills, etc. Thank you so much! Have their insurance cash in hand ready to buy if I can get a good deal, if not I suppose I will be buying a new one.. Lol.

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I have an original oem front bumper cover off of my 03 SSS...no rips, tears, or cracks...needs paint. I also have the lower grill with a small crack {you really have to look to see it}, & both brake/air ducts w/grills...passenger side duct was repaired. Let me know if you want pics.

$185 + paypal fees & shipping.

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Honestly by time you pay shipping (because its oversize) you may be able to buy one local from the dealer for less. Try car-parts.com. Its a wrecking yard database. Maybe you can find a used one near you

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