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My turbo build


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Holy smokes, looks like a tank going full blast!

How many pounds of boost you on?

This was 18-19 lbs. I want to turn it up to around 23lbs.....ish and see if I can sneak into the 10's. I could probably sneak into the 10's with a set of drag radials, because right now I just have a set of normal all weather tires and I'm not currently using limiting straps. Maybe 1 day,

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Haven't posted anything in awhile about the truck so here is the current status. Picked up a set of PRC 225 as cast heads for the truck. I wanted a set of trick flows, but I got these brand new with the lighter valves for 1600$ shipped from a guy over on ls1 tech. Hopefully these do better then the 853's I got off of eBay for 100$ that are currently on the truck. I'm doing a lot of rewiring right now to get everything away from the down pipe on the drivers side of the motor. It's a pretty big pain in the ass. I'm probably going to be switching over to a set of BW S366's when tax season comes around. I found them for 575$ over at theboostlab.com which is the best price I've found that was from a creditable site. Hopefully by spring she'll be ready to rock and roll.



That's what the motor looked today when I cracked it open. This was before I cleaned anything.



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I did end up selling the truck. I made a pass on the truck and had an injector fail on me which resulted in melting a piston. I was really pissed off about it and tired of putting money into it so I ended up selling it to a guy I knew. Truck is back up and running now. I've been helping him with the truck from time to time. It currently has a Thompson Motorsports 370 in it. He ended up selling the short block to another guy I know. Heads went to another guy I knows SS. It was fun will it lasted but I'm going to start something new (probably another SS lol). Took me awhile to be able to get back on the site, but I ll be around to answer any questions on how I did things.

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