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22" SS chrome reps $900, circle D 3200 stall $350, paces


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I have chrome SS factory reproduction wheels for sale pretty mint except for one that I got a stupid curb rash on. You can probably find these on eBay but factory rep doesn't have any for awhile.

So $900 for wheels and caps

I have Pirelli 305/40/22 rubber that I'm probably going to reuse unless someone wants to buy them.


Used Circle D 278mm converter rated between 3k-3200 stall. No issues at all, I just ordered a yank. So $350


Pacesetter Long tube headers used, these are their ceramic coated version but they have some black flaking it looks like at the bottom, doesn't affect performance. But if your anal about looks, then look elsewhere. $300


Edit* Also have SS cladding if anyone is intrested. I was thinking about holding onto it for a RCSB build but don't need jr right now so I'll sell it if someone wants to buy it. I'd prefer to meet in Cali for a sale on this.



If you need pictures I'd have to take some and then email or text.


Pics added

Headers have that discoloration at about lower half, and they have a 3 bolt flange on them so you could either pick up a pacesetter y pipe and add flanges or have a off road y pipe made or bolt up to your exhaust.



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Just headers alone no y pipe. I never used them, I'm going to try and fit some 2" kooks. I'm near Bakersfield. Can probably meet.


And price on wheels are listed @ $900. Tires I can sell if someone is intrested in them, but might reuse them unless I can go do a flip kit in the rear with new wheels then I'll have to do a low pro.

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Lol cool it worked. So that's the wheels on my truck if anyone is interested and I'll try and get some pictures of the headers Friday, I have them stored. And I'll be in the coast this weekend if anyone needs them and wants to meet.

The truck is getting the trans built and waiting for the yank to converter to be made and shipped so it might take a bit for the wheels.

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Ok I want the rims. PM being sent with offer for rim/tire combo AND offer for just rims.

Incentive is I will come pick them up, no driving or meeting needed on your part. I'll even take them off truck.

Hopefully we can work something out, ca$h in hand.

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