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I know most of us are gun owners. So I thought this would be a good place to talk about our guns. We can post up pictures and give reviews of the guns we own. This might help other gun owners make informed decisions on what guns may be the best for them.

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My prize is a rare Iver Johnson 9mm M1.  

Here are a couple of my guns.   One with the Girlfriend with my 870

I make her take pics with all my guns.

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heres my baby...we play with the big boys toy

Norinco NHM91 preban rifle,compensator,with updated rail system, scoop and light combo (not attached in the pic)and multipal mags with various capaticty



also got just a lil fie titian .25acp that one is just your beach carrier nothing special about it ill try n dig up a pic

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Well here are a couple of my guns:


I am a competitive clay shooter so these are the shotguns I have used.

The bottom one is a Remington 11-87 it was my first gun i used competitively and I got it when I was 10 or 11. I used it for years until I out grew it and needed a much longer stock to shoot.

Then next one is a Beretta 303 that has been modified by Seminole gun-works, it has a light trigger, ported barrel, and screw-in extended chokes. I went to this after the Remington and it has a been a great gun, but now its my backup.

The top one is a Beretta 682, This is an awesome gun, but I spent way to much on it, and right after I started shooting less and less. Im planning on getting back into it this year.


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I have a lot of guns, but here is my little PDW I've been building. I'm still waiting on my buttstock to come in the mail. I have a North Eastern Arms CCS on order. Once installed, with the stock collapsed it will measure 21" overall length. I put a 8" Noveske 300BLK barrell on it. Haven't gotten to shoot it yet since I am still waiting on a bolt : (





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nothing to special just a springfield XD subcompact .40 cal my first gun. I wanted something small that I could carry. its been a good gun no issues.


I bought 2 extra clips that are extended makes the grip a lot longer. but for carry I like the short clip only holds 9 in the small clip and 13 in the bigger clips. but I figure if I can't hit somebody with once out of 9 bullets I probably shouldn't own a gun.




here it is with an extended clip.




here it is in with the short clip.






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Hey guys, here are a few more I thought I would share. I have a Ruger P95 that was my dad's. My P229 Sig Sauer which is my favorite. H&K 45 USP next favorite, but no pic of it. Ruger Competition Target .22 is a real nail driver. And my wife's new Smith and Wesson 642 for concealed carry. I wanted a new conceal carry too, but since I got the Benelli lst month, my gun buying is on hold. LOL





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Here is a few


Custom built Seekins Precision 14.5" AR




Wifes Tikka 223 Scout




My carry pistol




Shotgun that I re-finished for my father




Crescent Customs built Rem 260




My 10/22




Rem 5R Manners stock and a bunch of other shit












All the finishes are cerakote H series and C series

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