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Magnacharger MP122, Cam and much more!


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Well it's come time to clean out the garage after a long divorce and loss of interest in my project, I'm moving on and selling off all my parts I've accumulated. Prices do not include shipping.

First in a Magnacharger MP122 for 05-06 gto. I had planned on running this on an LQ4 but things never worked out. Whats included is the MP122 head unit which has 0 miles on it since receiving it back from magnacharger for the 122 upgrade. It has overdriven rears and 7 pulleys. Parts included are magnacharger valley cover, new bosch coolant pump with harness, new magnavolt with all hardware, two tensioners and two belts, and heat exchanger. $3300

LEP stage 1 maggie cam 5k miles SOLD
Siemens S107 injectors 500 miles $200

90mm 4 bolt cable throttle body SOLD

Z06 Brake brackets for 99-07 classic $150

Autometer boost gauge $25

Autometer sport comp boost gauge SOLD

Autometer sport comp electric fuel pressure gauge SOLD

New pacesetter coated headers and ypipe (72C2265) $475 shipped

Painted handles $40

EV6 to EV1 connectors $25

New from 5-0 motorsports EV6 Female to Multec Male for trucks $65

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Is this ready to install on our trucks? With out buying any thing

If your talking about the supercharger its not just a bolt in and go. sense this blower is for a gto and is a jack shaft, you would need to change a few things on the front of the motor for it to clear. theres a few different ways you can go about this. but a lot of guys just try to source out a car accessory set up.

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Is this ready to install on our trucks? With out buying any thing

No. You would need gaskets, coolant reservoir, intake tube, and some random odds and ends. I have most of the required pulleys if someone wanted them but it's a little more than just a bolt on.


Would you be willing to sell the 2.9 pulley??


I would. Pm me.

I will take the brake brackets, I already sent a pm.


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I'll put you down as in line.

might have to pick that maggie cam... 200shipped???

sorry it sold already on pt.net


I would like dibs on the injectors providing more info. What are these rated at? Are they a matched set? What style plug do they require?

I picked these up from Supersub and never used them. I think they're shorties with an EV6 connnection. Have to check for sure.


whats the best price you can do for the door handles

Pm me what you'd like to pay.

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