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SSS Makover teaser pictures


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My SSS was vandalized prior to me leaving Southern California, and I was lucky that she wasn't stolen while I was there. I kind of felt bad for her, and I needed to treat her to a makover once I arrived here in North Carolina. Since she has been such a great truck all these years I decided to clean her up quite a bit. She is getting ready for some paint, and I shaved a few things off of her. Here is the progress so far.







Here is the final update. I moved all pictures to the first post so that you wouldn't have to go through the whole thead to see them. What do you think?






Shaved drivers side door and gas door.







Shaved Gas door, and shaved Bed rail.








Drivers side with the cladding prepped in the background, and you can see the bedrail shaved as well.







Molded BSER Rollpan. (Drivers Side)






Molded BSER Rollpan ( Passenger side)







Passenger side








Shaved Tailgate:






Another angle.






Painted Drivers side:






Painted Passenger side:





Painted Drivers side:





Moulded BSER rollpan, Shaved Tailgate, and something different for paint on the tailgate.





Passenger side:





Front View: I have the lower grills on order to paint and install soon.





For my gas fill area I added this Motorcycle style pop up filler on top of the bed rail, and it hides under my tonneau cover.






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Gonna look really nice when you get done. Sucks to see you have to do this because B-holes won't leave stuff that's not theirs alone.


Yeah it sucks that these low lifes decided to key my truck, but it gave me a chance to redo everything.



Where is the gas fill tube now?


Oh, that is going to be somewhat of a surprise. I got this idea from a show truck that I saw a while back.

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X2..... No gas!!!! Lol


She will be getting her gas, just not in the same location that you put it in.



looks good! when do you think itll be done? theres a few of us trying to get a meet together if your interested...


I am hoping that I can get her back by the end of the month. When are you trying to put together this meet?

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nice work so far. so are yo keeping it black or going with a different color? is the gas filler going behind the drivers side tail light? maybe hinging the taillight?


I am going with a two tone on it. Black on the bottom and a blood redish color up top. The Gas filler isn't anything that crazy, but something that is not done every day. Just a small mod that will catch your attention.

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