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New from The Central Valley California

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Well, thanks all for the nice welcoming. The names Jose, finally decided to join in on all the fun. I have a 2006 Silverado SS that was once my dream truck when they first came out. Luckily, i got it brand new, so i know exactly what it's been through. Looking to eventually build, and someday have it as "bad ass" as most of your trucks that i've came across.




2006 VIctory Red Silverado SS

Custom Paint, now two toned charcoal gray top half, red bottom half w/true airbrushed flames

Functional Ram Air Hood

Hypertech Max(soon to change and have Wheatly tune)

Exedy Racing Clutch, shift kit, and corvette servos

Aem brute force intake

Custom IMCO racing Exhaust

Zapco 1100M Amp, Zapco 4100 amp, Zapco SP4 EQ

Kinetic Battery

Kicker 10" CVX subs in custom ported fiberglass box under backseat, Wetsound Audio components(testing for my boat)

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Welcome to the site .... it wont be long before you start your build this site makes you spend a lil $$$$$

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