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HELP! suggestions on header and exhaust. help plz

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Hey everyone! so i just got my 2003 Sss and I F'n LOVE it. first changes i made was powder coating my rims shine black to match my car and the front grill. But now my focus is power. So i have been doing alittle research and decided to go with headers and exhaust...but i wanted some opinions on the set up i am going with in terms of power and sound. so i have come up with this set up....1 7/8" kooks long tube headers, 3" true dual pipes, no cats and a magnaflow exhaust....here is my problem however. I have heard that with no cats it is too loud and doesnt have good sound and the smell is horrible, so i have heard that i should go with the kooks high flow cats or resonaters, i have also thought about using a possible offroad x or h pipe but i dont know the exact best combo for a loud deep sound and the most power. anyone done anything like this? any suggestions...i want to make the best decision i can so i came to were all the best people are at...please help. thank you all for reading...look forward to your suggestions and comments.

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Dual 3" is overkill, the stock 2.5" pipes are more than enough.

Also, link to the kooks headers?

X2 the stock exhaust is even good just change the stock muffler, as for headers do your research there are some good ones out there! Edited by Muggs
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I have read a lot about the stock headers being pretty decent also... Never can hurt to upgrade though I suppose.


Where? Far as i'm concerned they're heavy and very restrictive.


The 6.2 stock exhaust manifolds on the other hand I've heard are fairly decent for being stock.

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