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Thanks! 3 yrs and 2 trucks later- My 12 sec SSS!!!

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I am posting this to thank all sss members/ posters for sharing so much knowledge on this site.


I finally have a 12 second street truck. The full size syclone of my dreams.

Best pass yesterday was 12.88, with 2 more passes in 12.9's


I started the quest for a 12 second sss when I inherited my fathers last daily driver. A red 03 awd ss. I had that thing in the low 13's and wasn't going to stop until I had a 12 second tribute truck for the old man.

Well as I posted on here at the beginning of the summer, that pride and joy tribute truck burst into flames when driving home one day and burnt to the ground before my eyes.

I had failed my goal of a 12 second truck. I was feeling pretty blue about the propect of replacing it with a run of mill avalanche or something,

So I flew half way across the country to find another blank canvas SSS then sent an email to Justin at Blackbear for some " do over advice".

I basically built the same truck since I was so happy with all my past mods. Only I used the tvs1900 this time.



I cannot express the feeling I get looking over my shoulder at supercharged mustangs watching to see if they can reel me in...... This awd launch always pretty much gaurantees that you will be winning a least for a little bit....... haha


This dream truck of mine would not have been possible without the knowledge and help provided by:

-My father- rip. Your lessons were hard, but i feel they stuck...

-My mother- for giving me his old red SSS and starting this whole thing.

-Silveradoss.com- Saving me thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. Use the search button people. you can save thousands from wasted mods that don't work, or don't work well together, etc. Thanks people.

-Justin at Blackbear filled in the giant hole of what to do about tuning. As well as selling me my second blower and a pile of other parts. A very helpful fellow.

-Joe and Julliano at Mr. Transmission on St. Regis in Toronto. Talk about standing behind your work. These guys talked me out of a 4l80e conversion and claimed they could get my 65 to hold. It was not a 1 shot deal. They had to work out a few things initially, but they totally delivered what we discussed. Great shop.

-Mike- You know who you are. Other than tuning and trans all mods were done my Mike and I. Thanks for all the help wrenching, thanks for busting my ballz to go find another SSS after mine burnt since I would be miserable in anything else. And congrats. You finally beat my truck! (* note: Mike is selling his beautiful Kenne Bell Mustang GT because he had to buy an SVT cobra in order to finally beat me!!! haha.)


Now to spend the winter perusing silveradoss.com for further knowledge....... I wonder how long I can put off the urge to splurge...... what to do next. Hmmmmmmmm


Thank again Silveradoss.com



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Congratulations man. It's always good to see someone hit their goal. Especially after having a vehicle with great sentimental value burn, you pulled through it and still proceeded to accomplish this. I remember seeing the picture of your truck with the back story that day you posted it and it saddened me a little.


Goodjob and glad to see your happy!


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Oh man I read that Post of yours a while back. I know it's kinda a Ricey but you convinced me to put an extinguisher in my truck. And my wife wouldn't even look at the pics. Hopefully your son if i remember correctly wanted you to make it stop. Well sir I believe you also did what your dad would have wanted and your son to follow in your footsteps. Congrats on the new time slip and enjoy all the mustang burning you want! I have a grudge against a 03 830 rwhp terminator myself! so I know your feeling! and please :worthless: haha just :jester:

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