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BSER Roll Pan - Group buy - Ending Octobrer 26 2012


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******FAIR WARNING*******


I now have 4 paid orders. This buy will close Wen. 31 OCT 1 PM central standard time. No orders will be accepted after that date, no exceptions.


No whining next week or next month......there is no chance I will make any more until after the new year if at all. It took 8 months to get 4 orders this time want to bet how long it will be till I get 4 more.


******LAST CHANCE*******


I will start building them next weekend, they will most likely ship the following Tues or Wen.


People ... This is the Gospel ... What ever BSER says is it. He is going out of his way to make this happen (again) for SSS.com'ers, so if you want one, Get on it TODAY, as Tomorrow will be too late.


BSER - Any problems, please reach out to me. - Stitches040

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Wish I could have helped out more but life's choices don't give me the time to monitor things like this or help out. Bobs a great guy to deal with and I can see why it's a pain in the arse to deal with. Funny I met another sss owner today in the middle of this hurricane and my first words to him was " nice BSER roll pan" and he instantly knew I was a sss guy. Lol

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Just an update, the roll pans should be completed tomorrow 11/15/12. It took longer than I anticipated to get them completed. More bad ones than I was expecting also.


Anyway hopefully I will finished and get them shipped out shortly.

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They shipped today. Except for the Canada guys - I need you to contact me the address you gave is not good and you did not include a phone number so I cannot call you.


If you want a tracking number for your roll pan just call me at 316-858-1197 and I will give it to you.

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snapback.pngThatTallCanadian, on 15 October 2012 - 11:32 AM, said:



I called and talked to Robert myself. This is LEGIT, he said he's going to try and get another batch together if there's enough interest. Anyone else that wants one just copy the list and add your name.


1 canadianVRss

2 Thattallcanadian

3 2003_SuperSport

4 joe hutch


snapback.pngcanadianVRss, on 15 October 2012 - 06:29 PM, said:


As soon as we get 4 guys.


We should make the deadline a week or two from today. Then it will give some people enough time to decide. Plus the more we have maybe he will consider lower the price a little. But with shipping and him reworking the mold that seems sound to me





hope i still can get one

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Sorry joe. This BSER pans aren't available anymore and sucks you missed out. But as long as you stay active on the site one may pop up for sale seeing your a noob Robert may do a batch in the future but I doubt it due to inconsistent buyers and honostly it's a headache to organize. Good luck keeps your eyes open. But mines staying. Lol sorry

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I have reached out to Bob and am waiting for a response. I want one of these on the Diesel SS clone I am building and have told him that I will take on all the hassle of collecting money and selling them by me paying for and ordering how ever many necessary to get him to make a batch, or more if he is willing to make extras. If they are this hard to get a hold of I will put one on the truck and store another in case anything happens then sell the rest as people can come up with the money. Hopefully he will get back to me soon.

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