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BSER Roll Pan - Group buy - Ending Octobrer 26 2012

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I called Robert this morning and already told him to put me on the list per his prior post. I also asked him if anyone has called him in regards for being on the list and he said that I was the first to call and be put on to the list. (I know some have called with questions but you must specify you want to be on this list) In order to be on that list you MUST CALL HIM!!! He specifically told me he will not proceed until 3 more people call him and arrange payment by or on Friday the 26th.

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Just spoke with him! great guy! I'm definitely in and don't think I can edit his post he had wrote earlier but it is 9AM-5PM. Central time. Accidently called him on his way home. Just to clarify things. Hope this helps everybody and I believe we need one more confirmed phone call. Let's make it happen! Thanks guys!

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Yes, between 8 AM and 5 Pm central time, sorry


So far I have ONE that has called and said the will pay with Paypal on Friday. So I actually have Zero payments so far, but expect that one to come through on Friday.


This is not unusual, happens all most every time. A lot of guys say they want one and very few follow through. Which is what makes this process so frustrating for many; including me.


I do not have a specific cut off, I think the guys that are serious imposed that deadline because they do not want to wait 6 months. I will not start until I have enough prepaid orders; it may be tomorrow and it might not. I will return payments if we do not have enough orders in a week or so, I do not want to be responsible for those funds longer than that.

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