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just wondering but how many people on here use instagram, i know i do.... feel free to follow always posting pics of the SSS



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I dont really understand the point of instagram. I'm sure i'm just missing it because i know a lot of people use it, but it does not make sense to me. You post a picture on there, and it shows up on Facebook or Twitter, or wherever right? Why not just post the picture directly to Facebook or Twitter?

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All have been followed,


I like instagram, it kinda is like Facebook and twitter, but like was said its, it's own social media, it doesn't have to direct to FB or Twitter, following people and seeing all their pics shows their personality more or less, and making friends like any other social media, I don't know some people like it some don't, I like taking

Pictures and editing them and sharing them with my friends

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not into the social networking stuff, but my best friend got me on instagram to keep up with everyone some how

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