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How To Install Power Folding Mirrors


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This is how to install power folding mirrors on a silverado/sierra. My truck came stock with manual folding power adjust mirrors only.

If your vehicle is this way...this is what you will need:


(PS: sorry this was split into two separate comments....this website is retarded sometimes haha)


Power folding mirrors with a window switch that has the power folding option on it


(sorry that the passenger mirror is not shown but you WILL need both)


Here is how you tell if it has the power folding option...it will have this logo on the adjustment button:



First you will have to remove your door panel.

If you do not know how to do that then watch this video:



Once the door panel is off then you will need to unhook all of the wires like shown:


(you will also need to unhook the light at the bottom of the door panel..)


Then you will need to unscrew the window switch and pop it out....



And replace it with the power folding switch.



Now set the door panel aside and carefully unbolt the side mirror and pull the wires through.



It should look like this after....be sure to clean the area lol



Then bolt in the new power folding mirror.


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Then plug all the plugs back into the correct spots and put the door panel back on.



Then press and hold the adjustment button to the left to fold out the mirrors and to the right to fold them in. (Be sure that the mirror selector switch is in the MIDDLE, not to the left or right and also make sure you have both mirrors hooked up and plugged in before testing them out or they will not fold)



And they should fold in and out!



Note: Some of you may have to re-program your key fob from unplugging the window switch...


Hope this "how to" helped you guys!! :cool::thumbsup:

Let me know if I left anything out!

Thanks for looking!


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Awesome how to!

I was amazed the first time i hit the switch by accident.

WOAZ this truck has everything!


My buddy was amazed when i showed him that his ss also had folding mirrors haha

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I wonder if it's that easy on the NBS trucks?

My 2009 GMC had this function along with the trun signals in the glass. The 2010+ doesn't include this option, unless you get the GMC Denali or LTZ Silverado.


I heard from Eddie (OneSlickSilvy) that its a lot harder to add this option to the NBS trucks.

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